Specializing in Svaroopa® Yoga

Healing yoga for your body, mind, and more...

Feel better in your body and have a peaceful mind in just a few yoga poses. This yoga practice uses a powerful combination of precise alignment with a compassionate approach. Our practice is slower, allowing more time for the changes to occur.

Based in the ancient tradition of yoga, this practice cultivates the experience that it names - svaroopa, the experience of your own innermost Self.
Svaroopa® yoga emphasizes the development of your inner experience of clarity, bliss and being, through working with your body in specific ways.  The yoga poses work with both precision and compassion.  The reliable results include profound and immediate improvement in three primary areas:

1.         Healing on all levels:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

2.         Personal growth and transformation.

3.         The blossoming of transcendent inner experiences.

A Svaroopa® yoga class includes Shavasana with a Guided Awareness through your body, a breathing practice called Ujjayi Pranayama, and yoga poses that specifically release and open your spine. This "core opening" balances your body, mind, and emotions - then you experience svaroopa, you abide in your own essential nature.

The many benefits of Svaroopa® yoga include: flexibility, strength, mental focus and presence of being, profound peace & calmness, a pain free body, improved digestion, happier, less anxiety, better sleep, greater range of motion, improved balance, stronger muscles and bones and much, much more....

As you learn how to live in your body in a whole new way - without so much tension - this truly transforms the way you live your life!

We look forward to seeing you in class or for a private yoga therapy session!

Click here for our class schedule.
No prior yoga experience needed to attend, Drop-in's are welcome.

We are located south of Ford Parkway at the corner of Cleveland and Villard.

There is a small parking lot and plenty of street parking available.

1040 Cleveland Ave S
St.Paul, MN 55116
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